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>> tonight a special live sunday, justice with judge nan neen. casey anthony walked out of prison a free woman. >> she is america's most hated mom. >> you suck. >> we hate you. >> now her former best friend speaks out. and... >> that's some charge to make. >> leonard padilla is in hot water for things he said on this show. >> what is the story with roy cronk? >> you won't believe who is suing him. plus... is casey running for the hills of hollywood? coming up tonight on "justice." >> hello. welcome to "justice" i am judge jeanine pirro. casey anthony left the florida jail in the we hours of the morning. where is she? nobody is exactly sure. joining us is shannon butler a reporter with our fox affiliate
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in orlando. you were there what was it like? >> well, casey anthony was released just about after midnight. she walked out of the jail. as she was in the lobby she looked down looked up and looked down again thanked the deputies and walked out the door. jose bias was next to her. they walked out of the back door drove off within seconds they were out of the lobby in the orange county jail. what was the crowd reaction when she was released? >> dozens of people lined up just in front of the jail. officers had bare kids along that area so nobody could get near casey anthony. as the cars were pulling out it was almost a mob mentality. everybody rushed the vehicles they rushed the deputy cars some of them yelling baby killer. as they walked up to the car it was so bad the mounted patrol and some deputies had to keep the people back.
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they had to block off the roads just so those people wouldn't get hit by on coming traffic. >> and there are reports that she actually went to executive airport in orlando. what do you know about that? >> there was a plane about 1:00. when we watched that plane on the runway golfers got out of their cars with their golf bags got onto the plane headed to columbus, ohio nobody saw her get on the plane but there are reports that was possibly her plane. after 3:00 in the morning another plane in orlando executive nobody saw casey anthony get on it but that airplane we don't know where it was going but it did not follow file a flight plan or manifest. there are speculations she got on the plane at 3:00 and went somewhere. >> we don't have any idea where
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she went? >> if i did i would be there. >> there is talk she may be in new york. have you heard that. >> she could in philadelphia, she could be in the bahamas. she could have gotten on the flight to columbus. there are reports she is in california but nobody really knows that. >> thanks so much for that reporting. get some sleep tonight. you probably have been up a long time. mark lipman attorney for george anthony and cindy and talked about casey. >> she was rebuked by attorney or casey himself she is not sure about that. since then they haven't made any efforts to try to see her because from casey's attorney jose casey won't be seeing her. today mark lipman said she
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wanted biaz to act as decoys on casey's release which they refused. even though he indicated he set up a communication system between cindy and his daughter that call never came. lippman is asking b bay he i be to make contact. former prosecutor as well as fox news legal analyst and joey jackson again former prosecutor as well as defense attorney. all right everybody. there's a confusing message here. on the one hand you have baes saying she is safe and we need you as decoys and saying i am going to call you and let you know when you guys can reconnect. this is an area wi where we hav lawyer controlling his comp cli
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keeping her family out or do you think casey a sending a message to her family i want no part of you? >> i think that casey probably doesn't want to have anything to do with her family right now for two reasons number one they testified against her and it's awaited trace to where she is. you get to jose biaz who is her protector regardless of whether or not he wants a big payday. he's the only person he's got to be between the hoards of people who would like to hurt her or kill her as well as the hoards of media that would like to interview her. >> what do you think? >> you have to chalk another victory to jose bias. every network wants to know where she is. nobody knows where she is and they did it they ducked the media. she could be in five places philadelphia, new york, ohio and nobody knows where she is. >> you think it's casey saying i
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don't want no part of george and casey or is it baes running the show? >> ultimately what's going to happen she is going to get paid. this is about a big payday. we don't know where she is but for the right amount of money we are going to find out. he has to keep her away from the masses they will produce her at the appropriate time and the money will reign. >> i was going to say or joey if baes really cares about her he shavers her head puts a blonde wig on her has to wear over sized clothes and puts her in montana, iowa, idaho. >> but then she can't make money off it if we don't know -- >> if she is going to make money she has to do it looking like she has per her appearance. >> we don't know where she is. they have to wait for the
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payday. >> the value is casey anthony being casey anthony. >> she goes in has plastic surgery. >> but eventually. >> maybe after the payday. 20, 60 minutes, geraldo gets the interview gets the paycheck, gets the paycheck and goes off into the sunset. she is a young woman. she is supposed to try to have a regular life as supposed to being a caricature of herself. >> last night we saw the kind of security that is fit forehead of state. now what do we have? do we have an obligation to protect this woman because she claims that her life is being threatened. by the way everybody the jail never received a threat. law enforcement hasn't received a threat. all of these come from the attorneys. who provide protection from her and how long?
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>> people don't like attorneys. ultimately there's an obligation. >> they like us? >> who pays for this? >> i think ultimately the municipality has to do this. >> ricky is shaking her head. >> once she is left she is left. the only person who can pay for her security is her. >> but she has no money. >> they will have money. >> what they want to avoid is a jack ruby situation. as she is leaving the courthouse image some nut job with a cannon had her head blows her away. >> now they are done. >> as a result we have obligation to provide the protection. >> for how long? >> she provide the protection. until she gets off the property then you are on your own. >> what about when she is called back for a deposition? >> what i don't understand the
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only people saying there's a threat are the lawyers? the court never got it. >> with all due respect the judge wouldn't send a letter to the jail. they send it to the lawyers. they will verify whether it happened or not. why do i feel like i am watching a jose baes mv sri. >> it's coming. it's coming. >> it probably is. it's like the favor of the month. >> free woman she walks out no parole no probation. why is the defense going to appeal her convictions for lying? >> for one good reason the longer the appeal goes on when the civil suits come forward she can still take the #th. >> very good point. >> that pretty much insulates her and the civil suits end up going to trial even though she pleads the 5th and then down the road. >> an inference is drawn against her because she would take the
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5th amendment if the appeal is undecided. at this point it's only about money. >> that is a spectacular point. >> no, it is. it is a spectacular point. everybody has been talking about it. first time i heard someone say that. i didn't think of it. you are right on. >> this is what goes to my point. now a lawyer beas can put in a motion she takes the 5th she takes the stand. why do you protect her with armed guards. do it by video. >> more with our panel in this special live edition of "justice with judge janeane. >> where is casey anthony now? one of her best friends is here to tell us what he thinks. meet the man who has a million dollar deal for casey's first interview. get a drink we will be back in two minutes. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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>> talk to you whenever the hell i have to to get my pamly back together. that's it. that's all i need to do. >> you still think she is okay? >> i know in my heart, mom. i know in my gut she is okay. every day i get stronger i know she is coming home. i still feel that she is coming home. >> i can still feel it she is coming home. there she is lying again. this woman has lied for three years. why do people want to pay her to hear what she has to say? i would hook her up to a lie detector before i ask her a question. >> the public curiosity people want to know they want to get inside her head to find out what goes on. they want to pay top dollar to do it. >> i am a big proponent of not
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having cameras in the courtroom. if this case was not televised we would not be doing any of this. once a week there would be a summary. >> they are nothing more than the reflection of the technological age in the olden days we stand outside in the village square. >> without cameras in the courtroom there would never be this hype. without cameras in oj's courtroom there would not be had type. >> what is the problem of people knowing about the system? what is a problem of people looking at a woman saying this child was thrown in a swamp we ant to know why. >> if one of the injure jurors goes out and writes a book and makes a million dollars -- >> should the jurors make money off of their jury service? >> no they should not. however i can't let cameras in the kroorm just go away. this case had visuals. we had visuals before it was in a courtroom. we have videotape of the child,
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you had photographs, you had the jail interviews. you had so many visuals there never was a trial with jonbenet ramsey but she was part of the culture. >> the jury of course they should make money for having served and knowing what's going on. oh oo no, no. are you kidding? then i am going to try to get on a jury because i think i can make money off of this. >> you are the trial maven you are the district attorney you did what you have to do. you know everybody your honor that takes a commitment to serve the jury. >> they have a responsibility. they have to question the motive your verdict. >> you have ahold out. that's the problem joseph. if there's one person who says you know what this is every where i am the loan hold out.
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i am the one. >> i believe there could be a law that prohibits jurors. >> there you go. let's talk about money. let's assume she makes a million dollars she owed 70,000 on taxes already she has a defamation suit tim miller from equi search was on the show last night he's suing her. i think he's suing her. what's left? >> i was anal guysing this. you know the case in new york the subway vigil anti in 1992 when he went and blasted a few people who were trying to attack her. what did bernard guest do? i am not signing a book deal not doing anything. why? because in the civil suit there was a judgment of $43 million against him. to this day nobody got a penny of the money. >> here is where he gets involved he has to make sure there's enough money to cover him as well. right arthur? >> it's a conflict of interest.
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>> he did the case. he didn't make allotted of money. this is going to be a testament to his character. it really is. does he go out and maintain -- >> he is going to make a fortune. >> just tyned with caa agency. one of the biggest agencies. >> where is she now? >> i think she is right down stairs in fox studios. >> arthur? >> i think baes set up a safe place for her maybe a friend who has a summer home an apartment that isn't being used she is having her first real meal eating a steak having a glass of milk. >> either she is in orlando somewhere near there or she is been flown off to timbuktu. she want go outside being the person she is she would be recognized wherever she goes. >> you know what? you remember when leonard padilla got her out of jail she was disappointed one day because
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helicopters weren't above because it was raining. this is a woman who wants attention. she will come out. >> she wants her safety, judge. >> ricky, arthur, joey thank you for being with us tonight. >> when that special live edition of "justice with judge nan neen returns what is casey really like? where is she now? one of her best friends is here to give us his take.
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>> most of us only know who casey anthony is from watching her trial. what kind of person is she really? >> casey anthony walking free today begins the next chapter in her now infamous life. but before caylee went missing and casey became america's most hated mom, who was casey anthony? the trial offered few clues. >> you met casey the end of may early june? >> end of may. >> what date exactly? >> may 21st, 22nd. >> with a parade of friends and boyfriends who knew her only a
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few months. >> she was friendly? >> yes, sir. >> outgoing? >> yes. >> just a nice person? >> yes. >> now a man who knew casey better than most is speaking out, shawn d daily casey's best friend in high school. she attended colonial high in orlando but in 2004 her senior year she dropped out 1 credit short from graduating. the casey portrayed in course the party girl was not the casey he knew. in high school sean says casey was the good girl the designated driver for her kids. he said she was preppie not per miss cues and only really began dating after she dropped out. what happened to casey? >> sean daily is a friend of casey's and let's just get this right out of the way, sean.
4:23 am
did she kill caylee? >> i can't answer that to be honest with you. >> what do you think? >> if she had something to do with anything it was definitely an accident. >> you don't think she could have done something? >> i don't think so, no. >> you describe her as a straight arrow in high school. she drifted obviously. why? >> she had a life change in the last three months before all of this went down. she hung out less and things changed. >> did you know her as a liar? she told her parents for two years she was going to work at universal when she didn't have a job there. she was living in tony rose saro every time she went to school she went to work. did you know her as a liar? >> i wouldn't call her a liar at all. i would say maybe a little bit more than a normal person would lie. >> how did you find out she was first pregnant? >> she called them on the phone and told me. >> what did she say? >> she aid hey sean i hope you are sitting down i have
4:24 am
something to tell you. i said what's up? she said i am pregnant? >> i did > did you ask her who the father was? >> i didn't. didn't seem the right time. >> once she had the baby did you say is the father around? caylee looks like someone i know. >> not really. >> no discussion whatsoever. you are one of her best friends. >> yes. i loved her as a friend and if she wanted to tell me she would tell me. none of my business. >> what did you like about her? >> she was fun to be around. she was so happy. she would lighten the room up. she was a fun person to be around. good friend. >> when was the last time you spoke with her? >> i probably hung out with her at least a week before she was incarcerated. >> what was it like when you hung out with her? >> normal to be honest with you. >> was little caylee with her a week before? >> i probably asked she probably
4:25 am
said nanny. >> you ever hear zahn knee the nanny? >> never heard that. >> you just heard nanny but not zany which is known to be xanax which is a sedative. the last time you heard from her was the week before. did you get a phone call from her? >> yeah, it was really weird. i woke up around 9ish in the morning and i had a miss call from her probably around 2:po in the morning. i walk to do my buddy's room. he was my roommate and she was all over the news. >> you got a call at 2:30 that morning? >> the morning before she was arrested. >> and did you call her back? >> i tried but it just range busy. >> after that you realize she is arrested. what's the first thing that you think? >> to be honest with you i really felt the child was missing. someone had taken her. >> once she was arrested did you go to jail and say --
4:26 am
>> no. i tried to stay away from her to be honest. >> you were one of her best friends. >> it was not my place to go and be on tv and to the jail. >> you said you knew her for 10 years. that means you went to her house when she was living at home? what was it like in the anthony home? >> pretty normal. went to first and second birthday. good people. >> little caylee's birthday party? >> yeah. >> you never noticed tension between george and casey? >> no. were you surprised when she said casey was molested befo by her father? >> didn't believe it. >> you said there was tension -- >> between cindy and her. >> about what? >> maybe trying to be pushy more of a mom than casey. >> it's true cindy didn't think casey was the best mom? >> yeah. >> where do you think casey is right now? >> i couldn't tell you but i
4:27 am
would say probably somewhere close to home. real low key country area. >> sean daily friends of casey anthony. >> straight ahead. leonard padilla the guy who got casey out of jail is now suing casey. guess what? he's being sued for things he said on this show. he joins us.
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now back to "justice with judge nan nee janeane." this is a special live edition of "justice with judge janeane. casey anthony walked out of jail after being acquitted of murder of her two-year-old daughter. anthony with her attorney getting into an suv after leaving the orange county jail in orlando early sunday morning. this time destination unknown. he's he searched for caylee. leonard padilla is suing casey for $200 million. padilla is being sued for something he said on this show by the man who found caylee's remains. >> bounty hunter leonard padilla
4:32 am
is a man who speaks his mind and damn the consequences. >> she knew it. >> he could be in hot water. rory cronk who discovered caylee anthony's remains is suing padilla for defamation seeking more than $50,000 in damages. he says the bounty hunter attacked his reputation on the internet twitter and television. >> what is the story with roy kronk. >> the lawsuit sites alleged claims he made such as kronk's girlfriend tipped him off to the location. >> he has a girl friend casey in in jail. she says i put the body around the corner. michelle tells kronk her boyfriend where the body is. >> the claim that kronk conspired with police to find the body. >> that is some charge to make.
4:33 am
>> it is the charge. >> what you are saying is law enforcement is listening in on an attorney client conversation which is privileged and giving the information to a woman who works in the jail. >> to give to her boyfriends. >> the claim that kronk wasn't doing the job on the day the remains were found. >> you are in the office you see it by a meter reader. a gentlemen walking along with houses reading meters. >> why would he be here? >> will padilla have to put his money where his mouth is? >> joining me now leonard padilla. hello leonard? >> how are you doing? >> i am fine. did you defame roy kronk. >> anti defamation action. let me explain something to you from the top.
4:34 am
he is now going to truly be a hero. roy cronk is going to be a hero in the case. by following the lawsuit against me he has given me the right to take under oath under penalty of perjury depositions of his girlfriend the individuals involved in the case, casey anthony, baes, cindy, george lee, all of face see's friends. everybody materially mentioned in this lawsuit i can take their testimony under oath. >> you are relishing the fact you are going to put them under oath and answer questions. where did you get law enforcement listened to a conversation on baes and casey cronk's girlfriend to give him the body wrchlt did you get that from? >> kronk's ex his son his sister parents were in a party in st.
4:35 am
cloud who works in the jail. he told them a few days before thanksgiving in 2008 i know where the body is at i am waiting for the daughter to get down then i am going for the body. he was off by 72 feet. >> i got to tell you leonard i will give you this. in the lawsuit that you are accused of saying kronk moved the body. take a listen. >> there is defense argument kronk was in possession of the body and moved several times. you don't believe it? >> no. >> you don't believe this? >> absolutely not. >> did you say somewhere else kronk moved the body. you didn't say it here. leonard? oo no, absolutely not. by golly now i got you to depose also because i never said it anywhere else in any way, shape
4:36 am
or form, judge. >> to your credit what you said on the show is consistent with what you are saying now. i hear you are suing the anthonies. why? >> okay. here's what happened. when jose and me met and casey and us met the body was not alleged to be anywhere. it was a live person we were looking for. they played us. they played us very seriously from the time i spoke to baes from california on the phone several times she must be missing, jessie grunt probably kidnapped her she might be in new york and puerto rico. when we got casey out it was the baby-sitter who took her. it was a live person we were looking for. i think legally they call it brought into the inducement. why didn't they say no we don't need your services. everybody else is looking for her. have them find mark hawkins>> you can bring that up.
4:37 am
what would mark akins say? >> mark hawkins was one of the last people who spoke with her back june 26th, 27th he was the individual she communicated with she got back out communicates with him when i get out of here we are going to get some people and padilla is at the top of the list. >> he said he was going to sue the anthonies but he wasn't going to sue baez. you were going to sue him, why? >> because biaz had the duty to say no just stay out of this we don't need you. we won't accept your security. he was the guy that sat there with rob dick when rob dick planned two off three strategies how to get her in and out of the house pack a television camera with other people in front of the camera. >> you think he should be sued and you should collect from him
4:38 am
as well. where do you think casey is right now? >> los angeles with mark hawkins he's probably between los angeles and 29 palms. >> very quickly what is she going to do next? >> she was going to get a contract. he has to round up the million because jose is no fool he wants it in green stacked in bank account. >> thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> now that she is out is casey really in danger? will she reconnect with her parents? plus meet the man who says he made a million dollar deal for casey's first interview.
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>> my only concern is caylee comes back to us and she is smiling and she is happy and she is okay. >> what do you want me to tell caylee? >> that mommy loves her very much. and she is the most important thing in this entire world to me. and to be brave. >> while casey was in jail her defense team said she was getting desperate and they feared for her safety. after three years in isolation how does casey deal with her new
4:42 am
found freedom? can an outraged public forgive and forget? should they? i talkd earlier with dr. roby done lee. she is going to walk out a free word in a few hours how does she handle this? >> she is very manipulative. i think she is going to use her new found celebrity she is going to make the most out of her situation and become infamous. she may look for an agent look for money for a good deal and kwiend somebody that will make her comfortable. >> how do you think her parents feel about her being free? >> i am sure on one level they are glad she didn't get the death penalty. casey is their daughter. she love her on one level and don't want her to die. on another level she has really
4:43 am
ruined her family and wreaked havoc with their lies. i am sure she is incredibly enraged. oo oh do you think they will ever patch that one up? >> as long as there's light there's hope. it is always possible. is it a guarantee? listen, it's going to be a very, very tough road. who can blame george for not wanting to for give his daughter. she basically annihilated his person in front of the whole entire world. i watch him in the courtroom. i got to tell you. i mean i watched him weep about his suicide. i watched him react to everything. here's a cop who is supposedly saying to his daughter you are going to go to jail for life for an accidental drowning. you got the mother mouthing to her daughter, i love you.
4:44 am
probably perjuring herself by taking authorship of those internet searchs. and going to visit her daughter or trying to and her daughter refusing her. you think cindy is in a different place than george? >> sounds like she somehow enabled her daughter to misbehave. i am not sure why that is. sounds like a mother daughter dance that's very unhealthy that somehow kept the cycle in motion. she is allowed casey to over spend on her credit card probably get away with a lot. probably the father was the one who said something suspect right here. >> i think that's confirmed by the fact that the bounty hunter the young woman tracy mclaughlin was with casey and george came in and said i want to know where my gravend daughter is. the kind of reactions you would
4:45 am
expect. reportedly casey says she wants to talk to her brother lee when he's ready. that's a quote. what's up with that? what's going on between those two? >> i am not sure what that is all about? i am not sure if it's manipulative. i think casey always has an angel. maybe she is kinds of feeling all of the possibilities for herself. what if she can't find a job. what if nobody offers her anything. >> she is going to make money. >> i think that's what bothers people about this situation so much. here's a person who misbehaves is completely outrageous, probably sociopathic, and how is she going to get million dollar book deals. that's hour country here. >> isn't that a commentary on our culture and how we celeb bra
4:46 am
ties. >> people are sexualizing her. >> in part there's a mystery we still don't know how caylee died. people know on some level she knows something. people want to know. we want an answer. >> there's a right to be concerned about vigil antis? >> absolutely. absolutely. there are people out there making threats against people who look like casey anthony. people feel very angry. >> it's not fair and they feel enraged that somehow there was a lack of fairness in the justice system. i am not saying i agree with it but that is the feeling for some. >> i tell you right now i think the whole thing is backwards. casey wrote she wanted to have another baby maybe even adopt
4:47 am
one from ireland. what does this tell you about this woman? >> it's almost like have you ever had a dress that you got rid of and after you got rid of it i really love that dress. it's in style i am going to go out and look for another dress that looks like it. i think for casey having a child is like an accessory. maybe she wants to prove sheik do it again but it's not based on a mother who really loves her child. >> coming up next does casey end up in hollywood? could a reality show be next?
4:48 am
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4:50 am
>> florida taxpayers footed the bill for casey anthony's defense because she was broke. could casey be looking at a million dollar payday. >> they say crime doesn't pay. but try telling that to some of the most infamous defendants of the last 20-years. remember mary kay letourneau she was the cool teacher locked up for sleeping with a 13-year-old student. once out of jail she married him and by some reports was paid up to $500,000 for the rights of
4:51 am
her wedding video. >> wher somebody told me i don't think you can do that or can't do that i always said watch me. >> there is also tonya harding convicted of covering up her attack on rival skater nancy kerrigan. she made a whopping $400,000 for a series of tabloid tv interviews. >> i put mr. butteder field and her children through so much pain. >> who could forget the long island lolita amy fisher. >> if i could change everything i would. if i could put my hands over her face and make it go away, i would. >> she stole the rights to her life story for $60,000 and use the mullah as bail money. >> it makes no sense, it doesn't fit. if it doesn't fit you must acquit then the most infamous of all o.j. simpson.
4:52 am
he pocketed $880,000 for a book in television interview. money he allegedly spent before the public out cry led to the nixing. >> who is about to rake in a fortune? or will public outrage scare off any rich media suit tore? >> joining me on the phone al tailor tv producer who offered casey $1 million for her first tv interview. tocks news legal analyst arthur idela is back with us. all right al are you there? >> i am here. >> you say you have a $1 million deal for casey anthony's first television interview. >> officially tonight we have an agreement with jo jose beas. we have a verbal agreement with my attorney to put a deposit and
4:53 am
put the rest of the money in escrow. she will get the rest of the money when she completes the interview. >> who will the interviewer be and when will it be? >> hopefully as soon as possible. we are negotiating with a few tv personalities to be the hoets. here's how we are going to do it have the actual interview and hook her up to the lie detector like you wanted her to and we know a sociopath can beat a lie detector in the end we will have a judge decide who she is going to tell the truth or not if will be noted attorney jeffery m. leving. >> you say you have an agreement with jose baez. is this actually a done deal? >> we have verbally agreed. he wants to see the money. we are bringing it down this week. if anybody else takes the deal from us we have breech of
4:54 am
contract. like leonard padilla i don't speak out of my backside. we have the money leonard. >> where is the money coming from? >> it will be from unnamed investors. i am taking the hit putting my name out there. i originally made the $1 million offer. they plan running to the hills like a little girl when the world got out. private elevate terror productions and i have private investors that will remain nameless. i am going to put my name out there because i am not afraid. this is america land of freedom. nothing wrong with making money on the story because it's capitalism. if you have a problem with capitalism move to socialist. >> the question i have is who is going to sponsor this? who is going to air it? >> we are selling the interviews overseas all of our markets overseas. there is not going to be a boycott there. we are giving the interview away
4:55 am
we will give it away for free because they won't pay for it. >> the reason you are taking it to europe first? >> latin america we have money produced in the interview including her fee and sell it for at least 3 mmm so we will double the money and in the end be able to give it away to the united states for free and not make a penny. >> you have anything else in the e-mail from baes? >> just my communication. you want to see the money we have got the money, judge. we have got it. >> ar sure quickly. >> which station in france and italy and spain is going to pay $3 million for the casey anthony interview. i believe in europe if there's a market they can save it not such a bad idea. baes can cash in on this give her some money a big chunk of
4:56 am
muffin and if she disappears and tries to have a real life if that's possible, pretty unique. >> they can make you the judge have you cross examine her. >> i won't be a judge. thank you. thank you for being with us. >> my thoughts armed guards bull blet proof vests officers carrying machine guns a virtual cavalry in the dark of night is sporting casey to the safety of a dark suv. it was the kind of protection and dignity reserved for heads of state. no ms. anthony you are not that important. you are not even famous. you are infamous. there's a difference. look it up. you can go on with your life now. you will be able to fend for yourself unlike a little girl named caylee who captured our hearts and our tears and was
4:57 am
left to rot in a swamp her coffin a garbage bag. many will remember caylee as a girl who never got to experience excitement her first day of school high school prom or pleasure of living life to the fullest. she was the one who needed the guards she is the one who needed the cavalry she was the one who needed protection. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us.@@
4:58 am
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